• Happy new month!!!
  • ...rainbows remind us that even after the darkest clouds and the fiercest winds, there is still beauty... . . Good
  • Something pretty...dont you agree?? . . Good afternoon people!!! . . #cakesforbae #cakesforwife #cakesforher #cakesinomole #cakesinlagosmainland
  • There’s actually nothinh a GOOD treat can not solve…emphasis on GOOD please!!! . . The emphasis is actually important because
  • REDVELVET!! . . We all shout ‘take fine picture for the gram’ ‘post a beautiful picture’ ‘please edit my pictures
  • M.O.S.O.P.E.F.O.L.U.W.A . . . Hello instagram..please permit me if my posts come captionless for now.. . . I dont have
  • . . . Im caption-less lol but this cake should say it all lol . . Unplanned cakes are the
  • Hey, how are you?? . . Social media is very tiring these sure you can relate.. . . I
  • #ohbabycake So apparently, a lot of people do not know that their orders come with a special juicy deal lol
  • What do you call your dad?? . Daddy..papa...or his name?? Lol . . When i was taking the order for
  • Good morning . . #affordablecakesinlagos #birthdaycakesinlagos #floralcakes #cakeaformum #cakesforher
  • This cake . . Forgive me for this picture. I know it should be all glamorous but i decorated this
  • Really dont have captions these days. . . I think the song in the video says it all . .
  • G.O.O.D.M.O.R.N.I.N.G!! . . 6inches vanilla cake. . . I am truly grateful for friends who checked one this of
  • Oldie but goodie!! . . How
  • Im always grateful when i get to remake cakes i already posted...some i havent sef but you know the feeling
  • What better way to start the week..than with this beautiful picture...featuring the beautiful cake of course?? . . As you

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